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Fightisms: Using the Past to Win Your Future

Adyre Mason, successful engineer, blogger, and now author has just released an amazing book that’s right for anyone who needs to decompose past and current difficulty and turn into fuel for the future. It’s called Fightisms: Using the Past to Win Your Future.

Fightisms is a term coined and trademarked by Adyre that denotes taking the actions and principles of fighting in a figurative sense and developing successful strategies to propel you out of your past and into your future. As tempting as it can be to hold on to the past, your experiences are not meant to be carried as baggage. What you have gone through is for your use; something to extract a lesson from and then move past to walk into your future better equipped.

Fightisms guides the reader to building a healthy, effective strategy for their own life. In each chapter the reader will find a sample of Adyre’s own experience and how she applied these fightisms to her life, coupled with general techniques to help the reader apply these things to their individual situation. Faith and practicality create a dynamic mix that helps each reader to become the hero of their own story. No matter where you are in life, Fightisms will help you maximize what you’ve gone through for your benefit and success.

Do yourself and your future a favor, get this book today and prepare to FIGHT and WIN!

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Fightisms: Using the Past to Win Your Future

As tempting as it can be to hold on to the past, your experiences are not meant to be carried as baggage. What you have gone through is for your use; something to extract a lesson from and then move past to walk into your future better equipped. Journey with Adyre through this insightful narrative that chronicles her life’s fights along with techniques to help you reach into your past and awaken your inner FIGHT to be healed, whole, and victorious. After this you’ll be prepared to FIGHT like never before!

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Adyre Mason is a successful young engineer and a new author. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, as well as a Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Alabama Huntsville and The George Washington University, respectively. She currently works as a Software Systems Engineer.

Adyre’s love for achievement has spilled over into her love for God. She is currently pursuing a second Master's degree in Divinity at the Interdenominational Theological Center. It is her goal to be as knowledgeable as possible about the Bible so that she can live the life God truly desires for her to live, as well as be able to help others do the same. She has a heart for Christians who want to live intentionally and not just reverence the Bible, but see results in their daily lives. With this goal in mind, Adyre created, a Christian lifestyle blog that reaches over a thousand people each week through writing, daily inspiration, social media, and events. In January 2016, Adyre and her amazing cross-country team will launch an online magazine for young adult Christians everywhere.

In addition to working and her various pursuits, Adyre is also an avid cook and loves to worship and serve the Lord. As a first time homeowner, she also spends her time decorating her new home. She currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama.

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Using the Past to Win Your Future- The past is not a badge or a definition, it is disposable. How do you change your perspective and get past your past? What’s the key to turning the rubbish of your hurt into fuel? You’ll find out in this foundational interview.

Developing Your Own Fightisms- Developing an effective strategy for your life is work but it’s necessary. But without something to stand on, your strategy will continue to be sub par. You must build on a strong and sure foundation but where do you start? What is it that propels you out of the tunnel vision of pain and onto the path of wholeness? In this interview Adyre discusses the critical intangibles needed to develop your own fightisms. 

Growth That Makes a Difference- All growth is not good growth. An unhealthy heart can drive a person to increase their hatred, their distrust, and other toxic living platforms. Trusting in pain is a coward’s way of walking through life. But extracting lessons and working towards real growth, though hard, can propel your life to unimaginable places. Pulling from personal places of past pain, Adyre will discuss how to become the hero of your own story.

Sample Interview Questions

  • What motivated you to write this book?
  • What about this genre appeals to you?
  • What inspired the title?
  • Are you working on any other books or projects currently?
  • What are "fightisms?"
  • What moved you to reevaluate your past with the idea of using it for your benefit?
  • How can people start developing their own fightisms?
  • What helped you overcome the situations discussed in your book?
  • Who is your book for?

Facts and figures – “It took me three years to write this book. When I began in 2012 I realized I was not healed enough to help others and I knew there were parts of my story that God was going to bring full circle so that I could help others in the way I felt led to. It was a tough three years of change, humility, transformation, and difficult decisions. I’m not perfect and there’s much more to do, but I feel blessed to have passed this test so that I can help someone else study for theirs. I’m also looking forward to passing on what I have learned in the writing, marketing, and self-publishing journey to help others who have a story that needs to be shared.”

Book excerpt – Below is an excerpt from Fightisms Chapter 4, “Fighting with Me”

How many times have YOU gotten YOU into a FIGHT you weren’t equipped to handle? At all times we have the option to choose HOW we’re going to FIGHT. When people hear the word FIGHT they immediately think of a physical altercation, a shouting match, any type of antagonizing encounter. But my favorite definition of FIGHT is this, “to endeavor vigorously to win.” I believe even the key to battling ourselves is being vigorously determined to win. And in the battle with you, winning is indeed everything. Allow me to explain. In battling ourselves, winning is everything once you realize that the you that must win is not the you that you want to be, but the you God has purposed for you to be. Paul’s familiar passage in 2 Timothy 4:7-8 is loaded with this principle. Paul says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved his appearing.” Paul’s first line in this passage isn’t just a listing of what he accomplished; it’s a method for a winning FIGHT. He tells us that he has fought and then he tells us how. The first way that Paul fought was by simply finishing the race. The second way that Paul fought was by keeping the faith. Now, if you remember who Paul used to be in earlier accounts in the Bible then you know that fighting anything good and having any sort of faith weren’t really his things. Paul was a staunch opponent of Christianity and he was, at one time, determined to take down believers by any means necessary. And during his time of opposition and persecution of Christians, he was in a FIGHT that he wasn’t equipped to handle. How do I know? Because when he was faced with a championship opponent one-on-one, face-to-face, he was forced to bow from the sheer impact of the encounter (Acts 9:1-9). Even in the wake of that encounter, Paul still had a choice. He could have continued to “kick against the goads,” meaning he could have continued to experience the hardship and struggle that came with fighting against God, or he could have admitted that being who he was accustomed to being was no longer acceptable. As we know, Paul chose to change and submit to the power of God and it was THEN that God used him. Paul allowed the change that following God required; it was then that he really won and was introduced to his real purpose.

It is for this same reason that in the battle of you, YOU cannot win. The you that has been built upon years of pain, brokenness, hardship, and bitterness CANNOT win. For you, and for all of us, winning God’s way is everything. Nowhere in the passage in 2 Timothy does Paul say that he fought, won, and held onto himself. On the contrary, he says that he kept the faith. It is impossible to have true faith in God and hold onto who we are. Holding onto who we are says to God that we trust in who we are without Him and that that person will still allow us to reach the same destiny that He’s intended. So many people have been churched with the grace and mercy principle for so long that they think they can remain unloving, promiscuous, judgmental, or lukewarm and still enjoy the blessings of Heaven all because going to church for a few hours each week entitles them to God’s covering. But life, the real life that we desire, cannot be achieved in this way. FIGHT to win over the old you with the you that’s required to walk in purpose and live a truly fulfilling life. Fighting to stay who you are is a FIGHT you are not equipped to handle when you ask God for a true and authentic encounter with Him. The FIGHT doesn't mean you won’t encounter a few jabs in the process (Acts 9:15-16), but I would much rather be hit on the way to where I am destined to go instead of being hit because I’ve chosen to stand still.  If you desire to move forward, stop fighting God by holding onto you. Losing the old you to win the qualities of God is well worth it and is required for you to move forward.